Thursday, February 9, 2012

Contoh soal: Gerunds, Infinitives, Simple form verbs & Participles

I have a test about the usage of gerunds, infinitives, simple form verbs (bare infinitives/verb1), and present participles (verb-ing) and past participles (verb3). Here we go.

He allowed me use / to use / using his car.I don’t mind have / to have / having a roommate.I was getting sleepy, so I had my friend drive / to drive / driving the car.We noticed Professor Chang to eat / eating / eaten dinner with some friends.Would you please remind me call / to call / calling Barbo tomorrow.Romy advised finish / to finish / finishing this test carefully.Someone advised him finish / to finish / finishing this test carefully.She likes to have the house clean / to clean / cleaned everyday.The boy was seen climb / to climb / climbing up a tree.We saw the poor boy beat / to beat / beaten black and blue.You had better do / to do / done your work at once.I can’t imagine such an old man climb / to climb / climbing the mountain.Maria has been appointed as secretary / secretary / to be secretary.The thief was heard jump / to jump / jumped off the wall.Who / What / Which have they named their son?The teacher wants this test finish / to finish / finished in not more than one hour.The boy washed his shirts clean / cleanly / cleaned.The students should be made come / to come / coming on time.Have you heard English speak / to speak / spoken in your village.I asked my roommate let / to let / letting me use / to use / used his shoe polish.


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